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One of the most difficult things singers and artists come across is finding an arrangement that is right for them. Sometimes itís as simple as finding the right key for their voice. Other times itís a bit more complicated because it means finding the backing thatís right for them Ė either the order they want to sing the parts of the song in or the bridges and riffs that take them into another key. Often, even finding the right instruments for the right kind of backing they want proves an almost impossible task.

There is a lot involved in finding or creating the optimum arrangement for a singer. This is where Pennyland Music is able to help by offering a service that is perhaps like no other. You may have an idea for a song Ė perhaps itís your own song. You may know the tune and the words but nothing else. At Pennyland Music, we can take a basic tune and turn it into a full arrangement. How simple or how involved the arrangement will be depends entirely on what you want to achieve and how you want it to sound. It may be as simple as you, a singer-guitarist, wanting to record your own song with your own guitar but needing help to work out the right chords and style of guitar to play along with it. Or you may need a guitar and keyboard chord arrangement with accompanying bass part all set out as professionally produced sheet music to use when you perform or audition with professional musicians. Or you may even want to turn that simple tune into a big performance with a full 50-piece orchestral backing track for you to sing with. Itís all possible here and itís all been done here before.

Whatever it is you want to do, rest assured that Pennyland Music can provide you with what you want.

And as with all the other services provided, you receive a personal on-to-one customised service and pay only for the time and effort involved - and all is at the same standard rate of £30 per hour whether this is for arranging, recording, producing or teaching. In fact you may even get an extra hour or two free of charge with all the post-production work thatís done here when you have gone home!

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