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What about the cost, what does it cover and can I make a Video?
These are usually the first questions people ask so letís cover them straight awayÖ

Itís simple. All Pennyland Music Studio services are charged at the same rate of £30 per studio-hour whether itís for teaching, recording, producing or video editing.


So what do you actually get from your recording session?

The total price you will pay covers:


         choosing and setting up the right mic configuration (we have 7 capacitor mics) and balancing for your voice(s)

         finding and downloading any backing tracks you need (unless you bring your own)

         loading the backing tracks into your recording set-up

         recording you and ďtweakingĒ the recording if necessary (yes we can even fix your wrong notes)

         producing your final mixdown Ė you will see and hear this happening

         burning your own CDs (you get 2 included in the price produced while youíre here).


If you want your own customised CD label, you can have it - you just pay for the time it takes to produce and print it on to your CDs.


You can even have your own photos taken here and put on your CDs if you want to Ė again itís included in the hourly price.

And YES, if youíre looking to make your song recording into a video, we can make your recording into a Video on your own DVD with as many camera angles you want ! !


PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept credit or debit cards so itís cash on the day or PayPal pre-payment sent to or by arrangement using on-line banking please.


The Pennyland Music Recording & Production Studio is a small custom-designed well equipped state-of-the-art studio perfect for solo artists, duos and trios††
(- sorry guys, no drums and thereís not enough room for more than 3 people.) It is intended for those who want to make their first recordings without having to spend enormous amounts of money on large more expensive studios and without having to pay the extra for recording engineers and producers.

The Studio uses state of the art recording hardware and software to produce professional results you will be proud of. Additional services are available - such as advising on arrangements (or even writing your own arrangements for you), producing backing tracks in your preferred key and style, and mastering the final production using sophisticated post production software techniques. If you donít have the backing track for the song you want to record but know which version you want to use, we can usually get hold of one for you. We can even make small key changes to suit your voice if itís necessary.

Itís the ideal environment for those who donít know how to go about making their first recordings, those who donít know where to start and those who donít even know who or what questions to ask.

Itís perfect for amateur, semi-professional and professional artists wanting to make their own CD compilations. Thereís someone who will listen to what you want to do and advise you on how best to do it. Pennyland Music Studio is not just a ďproduction lineĒ where you come in, record your tracks on to a CD and then leave with the first mix so the next customer can follow straight afterwards. Weíre here to spend time with you helping and advising. On the other hand, if you know exactly what youíre doing and precisely how you want to do it because you've done it several times before (as many clients have), and you just want to record some tracks with no post production, thatís OK too. Itís your studio time so it's entirely up to you how we proceed. However do please prepare in advance Ė time flies by extremely quickly in a recording studio so make sure you have your lyrics sheet with you and ready if you need it along with your backing track(s). When you book your studio time itís usually a good idea to send your backing tracks to the studio in advance so they can be set up on the system before you arrive. This will save valuable studio time because you will be paying from the actual time you reserve in the studio until the CD is produced at the end of the session not just the mic-recording, mixing and post-production time so itís much more economical to plan well in advance.

How much studio time will I need?
Time flies by VERY quickly in a studio Ė especially if itís your first time. It takes some time to set up the right mic, monitor config. and balance for your vocal and backing tracks so you can hear clearly exactly what you are recording. If all goes well, an hour is about right for one simple song. But this leaves very little time to ďfine-tuneĒ and optimise your mix. Itís up to you but you should think about a two-hour studio session for your first session and that will give you plenty of time for one track and probably time to record a second track as well because all the set-up and configuration work will have already been done for the first track. Naturally if you want to make a Video it will take quite a bit longer Ė especially of you want some vide footage shooting off-site. Videos are normally made during follow-up recording sessions after the master audio track has been completed and the singer has had time to practice singing perfectly in sync with his/her voice on the recorded audio track ready for the lip-synching so the video and audio can be perfectly aligned on the DVD. Making a DVD and recording the audio track during the same session are not really practical.

Finally, do ensure you come preparedwith your backing tracks, lyrics, and for a video, your storyboard ideas and preferences.

Finally, please arrive at your scheduled time because this is the time from which the clock starts ticking and from which you are charged.

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