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Below is an outline of the various sections of the standard course. “Reading Music” (Part 6) is optional and included only if you are interested in learning to read music. It is purely down to your preference. It can be omitted completely without any detriment to the rest of the course. The course is really all about teaching you what you want to learn.

Part 1: Most Basic of Basics

  • The anatomy of the guitar
  • The basics behind musical sound
  • Styles of playing guitar
  • Introducing “Chords” – open & closed
  • Tuning your guitar
  • Making simple chord sounds
  • Learning to “Strum” to your first song

Part 2: Learning about Chords & a bit about music theory

  • Learning a song using chords in G
  • Using your right-hand fingers to “pick
  • Learning about Bar chords
  • Pitch, Timbre, Frequency, Octaves
  • Only 12 notes to learn & play with …
  • Flats, sharps and scales
  • Note names on the guitar fingerboard
  • How a Major scale is made up
  • Types of Scales & Modes simplified
  • Making up more major scales
  • Learning the chords in C D, A, E & F

Part 3: Chord Structures
                 & more advanced chords

  • Chord Families Tonic, Sub-Dom, Dom, Relative Minors, Dom 7ths…
  • Open Chords versus Closed Chords
  • Understanding Chord Inversions
  • Three Major Inversions
  • Three Minor Inversions
  • Dominant 7ths & their Inversions
  • Major 7ths & their Inversions
  • Minor 7ths & their Inversions
  • Basics of chord formations

Part 4: Yet More Complex Chords

  • Augmented, Diminished, 7b9, Aug7

Part 5: Lead guitar made easy

  • How you play closed scales
  • The “Tonic-Sol-Fa” mind-set
  • Finger-Picking time again
  • Some Classical - if you want it.
  • Now you’re a real guitarist!

Part 6: Principles of Reading Music

  • What the Lines and the Dots mean?
  • The Musical staff and the guitar
  • Notes of differing lengths
  • Time Signatures and Keys
  • Chords shown as dots
  • Playing from music

Part 7: Using & Understanding TAB

  • What is TAB all about?
  • Reading and Writing Basic TAB
  • Understanding some of the terms
  • More advanced TAB
  • Finger Picking with TAB

Part 8: Understanding Chords             
                .. and putting them to work

  • Remember chromatic & major scales?
  • How more complex chords are made up
  • Putting the chords together in a song
  • More songs – more chord sequences


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